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    The antigen test is a rapid test which measures the presence or absence of viral proteins (antigens) from outside the virus.

  • Test PCR

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    The RT-PCR in real time is a very sensitive and precise technique. Of the existing methods, it is still the most exact for detecting Coronavirus.


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    Express PCR - result in 1 hour*

    Only valid for:

    • Principe de Vergara 40, Madrid
    • Pintor Rosales, 12, Madrid
    • Hospital HLA El Angel, Málaga
    • Hospital HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur (Cádiz)
    • Laboratorio Carbonell in Campello, Alicante


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    This test allows you to find out whether you’ve generated antibodies or not. Identifying antibodies allows the immune response against the virus to be studied.

  • This test shows whether antibodies have been generated or not, without distinguishing whether they come from infection or vaccine. Is based on the detection of IgG.

  • Food sensitivity is an uncontrolled response from the immune system, different from type 1 allergy, which can manifest itself through digestive problems (feeling of bloating, slow digestion, etc.), headaches, respiratory problems (rhinitis, asthma), eczema, joint or muscle pain, etc.

  • Cellular immunity and its persistence are important in the defence against COVID-19. Whilst antibodies tend to disappear months after infection, cellular immunity may persist and protect for years.