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    This test allows you to find out whether you’ve generated antibodies or not. Identifying antibodies allows the immune response against the virus to be studied.


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    The antigen test is a rapid test which measures the presence or absence of viral proteins (antigens) from outside the virus.

  • Test PCR

    Price €100.00

    The RT-PCR in real time is a very sensitive and precise technique. Of the existing methods, it is still the most exact for detecting Coronavirus.


    Price €150.00

    Express PCR - result in 1 hour*

    Only valid for:

    • Principe de Vergara 40, Madrid
    • Pintor Rosales, 12, Madrid
    • Hospital HLA El Angel, Málaga
    • Hospital HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur (Cádiz)
    • Laboratorio Carbonell in Campello, Alicante


    Price €118.00

    Due to the ease of sample collection, this is especially recommended for cases where the nasopharyngeal sample presents difficulties, such as in small children, absence of healthcare staff, remote geographical areas, etc.

  • This test shows whether antibodies have been generated or not, without distinguishing whether they come from infection or vaccine. Is based on the detection of IgG.

  • Cellular immunity and its persistence are important in the defence against COVID-19. Whilst antibodies tend to disappear months after infection, cellular immunity may persist and protect for years.